Wednesday, February 08, 2006

A Corporate 'Jihad'

Today's Bad Taste in Corporate Bloviating award goes to Patrick Byrne, CEO of a company called Overstock Inc. A reader tells me that in a conference call with investors yesterday, Byrne repeatedly referred to a lawsuit he filed against some investors as a "jihad." So says the transcript.

"I know, people seem to want to, some people never want to hear about my Jihad, I don’t even really want to talk about my Jihad anymore but some people have expressed an interest," said Byrne. He went on like that a bit more elsewhere in the conference call. Not a word about Byrne's offensive use of the word in the media.

Uh, Patrick baby, jihads are crazy Arabs killing people, such by blowing up those two buildings in downtown Manhattan that aren't there any more. They're not you hiring some lawyers to get money.

Byrne is the same clown who last year made a weird reference to the supposed pro-Israel bias of Tom Friedman of the Times (see this rant) in an Internet posting, and also likes to ramble on about the "Israeli mafia" controlling most of the ecstasy trade in this country.

Blogger Jeff Matthews observed, "What on earth, I asked, did Tom Friedman’s supposed pro-Israel bias have to do with the subject of Byrne’s rant, other than that all Byrne’s targets in the piece were Jewish?" About the same as much as a "jihad" has to do with a lawsuit, I guess.

Next time Byrne is in downtown New York, he may want to stop by Ground Zero to see what a real "jihad" is all about. And it ain't about hiring some guys in pinstriped suits.

Byrne apparently views himself as a kind of junior league George Soros, and in November gave $5,000 to the leftist, Soros-funded Campaign for America's Future, which among other things helped fund commercials lashing out at Tom DeLay.


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