Tuesday, April 26, 2005

More on the Wuss

The Electronic Intifada has an article written by the convenient critic mentioned in the Daniel Okrent column on Sunday, an "Alison Weir" who is with something called "If Americans Knew."
The text of this bilge-fest can be found at http://electronicintifada.net/v2/article3796.shtml

Amid the usual ravings is the following, an account of an exchange between Weir and Okrent:

"I pointed out that since this was a conflict between a state whose identity and purpose of existence was to be a Jewish state, it seemed to me that the number of Jewish-American reporters covering it should be balanced by approximately an equal number of Arab/Muslim-American reporters."

The proper response from Okrent, if he had even the tenth of the guts usually found in a salamander, would have been, "Get the hell out of my office, you anti-Semitic piece of crud." Or, if he wanted to be polite, he could have said "The Times does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, or ethnic origin" and then pitched her head-first out of his office.

Instead, according to the account on EI, Okrent engaged in a dialogue with this bigoted slime. What followed was the following exchange between slime and wuss:

"Okrent said that it was impossible to find equal numbers of Arab/Muslim journalists of sufficiently high quality to balance out the number of Jewish reporters available to cover it, and ignored the suggestion that other groups be included in the reportorial/editorial pool. "

Does that mean that if you do find enough Muslim newspeople that they can then supplant Jewish reporters? Well, maybe. According to this report, "He said that there shouldn't be an 'ethnic litmus test' and that Jewish reporters shouldn't be excluded just because there weren't enough Muslims for the Times to employ."

Weir goes on to say that "we came away with the very strong impression that Okrent, who is himself Jewish, felt basically that only Jewish reporters could cover this issue."

Even if Okrent didn't mean that Jewish reporters can be excluded if there "were enough Muslims," there is a larger question here. Why is he humoring this bigot?

As if we didn't know. Hurry up, Calame!

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UPDATE: A reader informs me that the Jew-baiting pinhead who met with Okrent is not to be confused with a distinguished historian also named Alison Weir.
One hopes that too many people won't confuse the two. Perhaps the pinhead Weir should change her name to Adolfina?