Thursday, May 19, 2005

Dumping on Trump

Look, I am no fan of Donald Trump, and people can disagree in good faith about his plan for Ground Zero, which involves rebuilding the twin towers in very much their old form. But The Donald most definitely didn't deserve the openly biased trashing that he got in the New York Times today.

OK, I know concepts like "objectivity" and "fairness" are a bit too much to expect from the Times nowadays, particularly concerning a self-promoter like Trump, but his idea deserves serious consideration. Instead, the Times's Jennifer Steinhauer sneers throughout, stacking the deck by not saying one single positive thing about Trump's plan. Instead we have uniformly negative quotes, such as the one from the relative of one survivor who said that "The towers are not a memorial to the people who died there . . .If anything it is a bitter reminder of how people died."

Well, that's his opinion. I happen to know a lot of people who went through 9-11 who feel that rebuilding the towers is precisely the right solution.

Overall, a pretty dismal piece. It probably won't get much attention because Trump is a public figure who gets slammed all the time. But it is really one of the best examples I've found recently of the shoddy journalism that is all too often practiced by the Times.

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