Thursday, October 27, 2005

Not Fit To Print (today's installment)

Here's today's installment of Not Fit to Print -- my continuing series on news unfavorable to Palestinians that the New York Times won't publish, in accordance with its longstanding policy of tilting its coverage of the Palestinian-Israel conflict.

Reacting to the bombing in Hadera, State Department Spokesman Sean McCormack said: "The Palestinian Authority needs to do more to prevent these attacks. They need to act against terrorism....They need also to dismantle those terrorist networks, which are responsible for these attacks....The Palestinian security forces...have capabilities and they do have assets, so let's not pretend that they don't."

Not a word on that in the Times, in accordance with its policy of turning a blind eye toward explicit criticism of Palestinians while overplaying much milder remarks concerning Israel.

We saw that the other day, in a story by Greg Myre that exaggerated, and spun as a major kick in Israel's rump, comments made by UN mediator James Wolfensohn.

Something else for the Empty Suit, the Times's public editor parody Barney Calame, to ignore while he follows his masters' wishes and piles on Judy Miller.

I see that Calame (pronounced Ca-LAME), promises in his web journal yet another letter column. Nice, Barney! Another week on the divan. Sleep tight.

UPDATE: Here's another example of something else that the Times feels is not fit to print. One of its correspondents let slip that Mohammed Abbas's condemnation of the Hadera bombing was strictly on practical and not moral grounds.

The remark made it into an early, online version of the story, but eagle-eyed Times editors snipped it from the print version. Mustn't offend the poor, poor Palestinians! (Say, they seem like upstanding fellows. Give them a state!)

UPDATE, Oct. 30: Times editor says, No Space For Fairness!

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