Sunday, December 04, 2005

Annals of Poaching: Ripoff in Progress!

Poaching: An old and honored pursuit!

I am a vain sort of bloggie, I guess, so I have Google Alerts tells me when anyone on the web mentions this blog. Today, Google Alerts told me that some fellow was stuck for a title for a media "website" was thoughtful enough to take this one! Wasn't that lovely of him?

Get ready for "Mediacrity, the hottest and most talked-about new online content available on this or any other network or service."

It goes on: "As you probably don't even know, Mediacrity is a scathing indictment of all media, and yet, all we do in it is just list their f---g URL's and e-mail addresses and then sit back and let them fall under the weight of their own dishonesty, innaccuracies, distortions and lies."

Good idea! Original too.

Anyway, this person, "M---R---" (I think I'll spare him the publicity) really ought to watch his language (and spelling). Oh--what have we here? Seems that "f-word" thing is his business!

Apparently he runs a thing out there called the "M-- R-- Network." (Creep's name expurgated.) "Each day, M--- R---- personally tests all the porno gifs on his network in order to guarantee total satisfaction to each of his members."

It says at the bottom that the website was last updated in 1999, so I guess the ideas haven't been coming in hot and heavy. Maybe in 2011 he'll come up with another "original idea." Hey, I got one. How about a magazine, M--R--? You can call it "Playboy"!

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