Tuesday, December 27, 2005

More on the Kofi Annan Hissy Fit

Times of London correspondent James Bone expounds today in the Wall Street Journal on the Kofi Annan hissy fit, concluding sarastically as follows:

Amid the clutter of unanswered questions, one query has the virtue of simplicity: Where is the car? I have been asking this for weeks at the U.N.'s daily briefing. It was this question that triggered Kofi Annan's outburst. He clearly wants me to shut up. I'm afraid, Mr. Secretary-General, that would be the wrong thing for me to do. Every schoolboy knows that.
OK, but I'd guess that Annan knew perfectly well what he was doing. The object of his tirade was not so much Bone but his colleagues in the UN press corps, who are noted for their pro-UN agenda and meek attitude toward the UN bureaucracy. (As I noted in a recent item, Bone's colleagues displayed their yellow streak at the Hissy Fit Press Conference.) So Annan's tantrum was a lot more calculated and a lot less impulsive than it may have appeared.

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