Thursday, January 12, 2006

"Election Role Won't Soften Nazi Anger Toward Jews"

Dumb headline of the day: "Election Role Won't Soften Hamas Anger at the Israelis" in (surprise surprise) the New York Times.

Dig the syntax. They're "angry"! Oh my. So what is the problem, bubbeleh? That Israel exists, maybe?

Note the idiotic assumption that that an "election role" could possibly "soften" the "anger" of a group whose aim has been to wipe Israel off the map. Or as the Times politely puts it, "Its [Hamas's] long-term goal is to establish an Islamic theocracy over Israel, the West Bank and the Gaza Strip." "Long-term"? Since when?

I see that the story does indeed mention that Hamas is tasteless enough to use suicide bombers, although it uses the weasel words "often used." Often as in "when not stopped by the IDF and the security barrier that the Times despises."

Still, if you comb through all the PC baloney, there is a kernel of truth in there, which is that Hamas is a group of fanatical murderers who are working to exploit Palestinian "democracy" much as the Nazis did in 1933. (I can just see the headline. New York Times, 1933: "Election Role Won't Soften Nazi Anger Toward Jews.")


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