Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Adventures in Bullying at the New York Times

Editor & Publisher has a fascinating tale that speaks volume about the testy, biased, increasingly detestable Grey Lady of 43rd Street.

Seems that a highly qualifed journalism student from India applied for a New York Times internship and got turned down. Why? Because he is a student of Allan Wolper, who occasionally takes potshots at the Times.

Here is the text of an email the student received from Nancy Sharkey, senior editor/recruiting:
“Hi Kejal, Based on what Allan Wolper has written about us, I cannot imagine that he would want one of his students to intern here. I guess if we need students from New Jersey, we will go elsewhere. Best, Nancy.”
Talk about a bully in a pin-striped dress. Unbelievable. No, strike that. Believable. (Hat tip: TimesWatch.)


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