Sunday, January 07, 2007

Stacking the Deck at The Times

The side by side articles today on page ten of the New York Times, both by Steven Erlanger, are excellent examples of the Times's blind spot toward Palestinian violence and doubledealing, and the newspaper's tendency to overemphasize Israeli "misdeeds."

The article on the left, a "news analysis," describes the supposed slipshod performance of Ehud Olmert. He is described in this article as a bumbling, dumb, schlimazel who is kicked around by the renegade Israeli military. Olmert is violating the road map to peace, please note.

The article on the right describes how the valiant Mohammed Abbas is taking on Hamas, which has created something called the "military police." No mention is made of the road map or the fact that the very existence of the terror group Hamas in the government spits in the eye of the road map.

Two articles, both by the same reporter, showing both ends of the same pattern of bias. If there is a better example of the Times tilting its coverage of the Middle East, I cannot find it.

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