Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The Times (Non-) Celebration of Indian Independence

The New York Times today ran two op-ed pieces "commemorating" Indian independence predictably, by giving full flower to its pro-Muslim bias.

The top article is a softball piece focusing on the author's personal history (as if anyone other than himself would care) and exclaiming "For me personally, the 60th anniversary of independence, while worthy of note, is not of the utmost importance." So what's he doing writing an article about it?

The reason is to say what a wonderful place Pakistan is: "Pakistan now has private television stations that refuse to let the government set the news agenda. It has a Supreme Court that has asserted its independence for the first time, restoring a chief justice suspended by the president. And it has an army under physical attack from within and in desperate need of compromise with civil society."

The bottom article is written by an Indian, but don't expect it to say anything nice about India. The entire focus of the article is on the divisions between Hindus and Muslims. On a petty note, the author says that Punjabi refugees from Muslim oppression "cheated their tenants." That's on the basis of the author's personal experience with his landlords! Amazing, or maybe not amazing, that this foul bigotry found its way past Times editors.

But not amazing at all when you consider the Times's well-known pro-Muslim bias.

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