Saturday, April 30, 2005

The Daily Dweeb (a continuing series)

Today's Dweeb is the author of the following letter that appeared in the New York Times today:

"To the Editor:
Re 'Syria Leaves Lebanon, Without Thanks' (editorial, April 28):
I wish you had pointed out Syria's quick and total compliance with United Nations Security Council Resolution 1559, passed last September, which called for the immediate withdrawal of ]
'all remaining foreign forces' from Lebanon.
I wish you had contrasted this with Israel's attitude to the far more grievous violations of international law going on in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.
If a brutal police state like Syria can so quickly and fully comply with the will of the international community, why can't the so-called only democracy in the Middle East?
Feroze Sidhwa
Haifa, Israel"

Feroze here, writing a letter to a newspaper attacking the "so-called democracy" in which he lives, is apparently too dim-witted to see the irony. So is the Times, which publishes garbage like this knowing full well that a letter attacking Syria signed by "Abe Goldstein in Damascus" would be worthy of a page one story.

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