Wednesday, May 11, 2005

The Non-Apology Apology

Wold should apologize to her readers

Much has been made about the recent spurt of Jew-baiting out in Ithaca, N.Y., where a New Age loon named Sandy Wold wrote a column for the Ithaca Journal saying "Zionist Jews in Israel have occupied Palestinian land in the name of God and victimhood."

The above was picked up by and , and the result was the usual firestorm of criticism and avalanche of letters. According to an item that appeared in Backspin, Wold apologized. But what has been submerged in this is that this was really a non-apology apology.

First of all she didn't retract any of her hateful comments, but rather just wimped out under pressure and "regretted my lack of sensitivity to and inclusiveness of your group's perspective and experience in my article." Whoa now. What's that supposed to mean? That she should have added a sentence saying, "but these Zionist Jews are really sincere people"?

Moreover, she did not apologize for her anti-Semitic outburst in the appropriate forum, which would have been the pages of the Ithaca Journal. That, and an editor's note explaining that this brainless bigot will no longer be allowed in its pages, would have been satisfactory redress for her tawdry little outburst. Hasn't happened yet--if ever. So let's hold the applause.