Sunday, May 29, 2005

The UN's Anti-Semitic Propagandists in Action

Tharoor: Anti-Semitic or Just Plain Dumb?

In past items I've talked about how the UN has a mind-boggling seven hundred shills, bureaucrats and propagandists on the payroll of its "Department of Public Information," under the UN's Minister of Propaganda Shashi Tharoor. This monstrosity has been ignored by the media covering the UN, some of whom are on the UN payroll.

A reader alerted me to an example of Tharoor earning his pay.

A fascinating post appeared a couple of days ago on John Rosenthal's excellent Transatlantic Intelligencer blog, describing how Tharoor's UN propaganda apparatus gave a forum in 2001 to an anti-Semitic loon by the name of Joran Jermas, who used to go by the name of Israel Shamir.
This is a guy who practices anti-Semitism of the old-fashioned "Jews run everything and killed Christ" variety so well known to our grandparents. His main claim to "prominence" among his fellow nuts is that he is part of that peculiar species of bedbug known as the "self-hating Israeli Jew."

Now when I say "anti-Semite," I'm not just throwing that word around. This Shamir is so far off the charts that he was disowned by the hate-Israel community! No less a Moonbat than Nigel Parry was so embarassed by this guys ravings that he was forced to distance himself from Shamir, saying on his anti-Israel website that Shamir's writings can "best be described as a classic anti-Semitic repertoire."

What's too anti-Semitic for even the most stark raving Moonbats is just okey-dokey by the UN's Ministry of Propaganda. The Transatlantic Intelligencer blog reports that "In June 2001, the UN held an 'International Media Encounter on the Question of Palestine' in Paris. The ostensible 'theme': 'The Search for Peace in the Middle East.' Shamir figured among the invited speakers." (All flown out to gay Paree at UN-member-taxpayer expense, in all likelihood.)

Now, it needs to be pointed out that by the time Shamir was trotted out by Tharoor and company, Shamir had already been disowned by the Palestinians as anti-Semitic! Note the date of the letters and writings posted on Parry's website. They were dated April 2001, predating this UN conclave by two months.

Tharoor was the moderator and spoke at this nauseating "event," reading a "welcome message" from Kofi Annan. The participants were the typical assortment of Palestinian terrorist cheerleaders and Moonbats, including such luminaries as Phyliss Bennis, author of the moronic Calling the Shots: How Washington Dominates Today's UN.

The DPI bio for this event describes Shamir as a "leading Russian-Israeli intellectual, writer, translator and journalist."

As a result of great work like this, Tharoor was promoted to the top job at the UN's propaganda machinery in mid-2002.

Either Tharoor, who was largely if not solely responsible for this "media encounter" as interim head of the DPI, is an anti-Semite himself who has no problem with giving a forum to an advocate of "classic anti-Semitism," or he and his bloated staff were too dumb to do the most basic vetting of their speakers. By early 2001, however, the utter nuttiness of Shamir's views were well-known. So you've got to figure they were just fine by Tharoor.

Yep, that's your tax dollars at work, folks. You pay for this loafer Tharoor as he sits at his desk and writes books and figures out new ways of organizing "media events" featuring kooks and anti-Semites. Aren't you glad your tax dollars are being well spent?

Oh, and when the UN tries to gull some "Jewish leaders" to stop on by and chew the fat--such as the soiree in early May-- guess who's the one in charge?