Friday, June 03, 2005

CJR's Website Lays an Egg

One media outlet that has scrupulously avoided mentioning Victor Navasky's hidden control over CJR is--please, don't faint--CJR's pathetic website itself. Shameless, isn't it?

Instead we have this rant on the lack of interest among bloggers in the exposure of Deep Throat:"

We'll admit, we're journo-centric, but you don't have to be a news junkie to understand that this story closes the loop on a crucial episode in a highly contentious period in American history, one that still reverberates today. Given the 'sphere's almost complete indifference to the story, we can't help but get even more, ummm, excited about the day when blogs finally destroy the print press, as so many bloggers are convinced they will. If coverage like this of one of the great mysteries of twentieth century American political life is a hint of things to come, we could be settling in for the long twilight of the Information Age.

There is "complete indifference" because the Deep Throat story is ancient history. Navasky is news. And guess what, bubby? The MSM blew it. You're not "journo-centric," just simply bad journalists.