Thursday, June 02, 2005

CJR-Gate: Where's the Media?

When it was revealed in the David M Blog on Tuesday that the Columbia Journalism Review was secretly run by The Nation's kooky Moonbat publisher Victor Navasky, any reasonable person could have assumed that it would swiftly become a major coast-to-coast news story. I mean, the media is biased about such things but not that biased. They'd have to run with it.

This story is shocking for two reasons. The first is that Columbia J-school dean Nicholas Lemann would be so brain-dead as to pick a political extremist to have an active role in the CJR, thereby destroying its little remaining credibility. The second is that he and CJR would be so clueless as to keep it a secret. This Navasky is such a rigid Stalinist jackass that he's still rooting for Alger Hiss, for Pete's sake.

Amazingly, this shocking news has been completely ignored by the mainstream media. Only the New York Sun has run with the story. Other than the Sun and Editor & Publisher--nothing. Nada. Zip.

If this is not a sign of left-liberal bias in the media, then I don't know what is.

CJR has been a joke for many years--antiquated, open in its political bias, and running weirdly skewed, dumb pieces such as the one blaming bloggers for Rather's downfall. (Note Powerline blog's excellent response.)

The good news is this: now that Navasky has come out of the closet, CJR has shown its true colors and can no longer credibly claim to be any pretense of objectivity or fairness.

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