Sunday, May 29, 2005

Another "Disappointment"

The Associated Press reports today that Ariel Sharon, taking a step that no American official in his right mind would do, has agreed to release 400 Palestinian prisoners.

The AP, as usual, hews closely to the Palestinian line, saying in the lead paragraph that "the overdue gesture — part of a February truce — disappointed Palestinians who said Israel broke a promise to coordinate the release with them."

Note the editorial commentary--"overdue." Still what interests me about this story is not the bias but this line: "Palestinians criticized the decision, saying Israel had broken its agreement to consult them on which prisoners to release."

These prisoner releases are supposed to be "goodwill gestures." Obviously it doesn't accomplish that objective. These releases have limited propaganda value. They invariably result in expressions of "disappointment" from Palestinian officials. So it really makes you wonder, why does Israel do it?

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