Tuesday, July 19, 2005

BBC's Crush-Israel Comrades

The Electronic Intifada crush-Israel website can often counted on for enlightenment of the "oops" variety. Today was no exception.

A story ran in EI today by a noxious Palestinian "journalist" and blogger named named Leila El-Haddad. Way down in her rant is the following: "I made it home in time to meet with a colleague from the BBC who was here on assigment for a radio program. 'I just heard a 14-year-old boy was shot at Abo Holi, but the IDF hasn't yet confirmed it,' she said." Ahh, the BBC. Always hungry for the last morsel of Palestinian propaganda, and with "colleagues" from the EI to help them along and exchange information.

Toward the end of her piece, El-Haddad goes into a kind of lyrical spasm of hate: "Suddenly, all I could think about was Tom Hurndall. And Rachel. Iman al-Hams. And young Nouran Deeb. And her mother's tears. and her father's silent anguish. And the lies. the terrible lies."

Yeah. Now, about that "taxicab incident." Hmm... nothing in Reuters. BBC? Nothing I could find. A pro-Zionist rag called the People's Daily Online says: "Ragheb al-Masri was shot in the head when he was sitting next to the taxi driver who tried to cross a roadblock ignoring Israeli soldiers' orders, they said."

Oops! Left that out, didn't you, Leila?

This one is much better, from the Palestinian Authority's International Press Center: "The boy, identified as Raghib abdul-Rahman al-Masry, was seriously injured when soldiers fired at hundreds of residents trying to cross the checkpoints to get back to their homes. He was taken to al-Aqsa Hospital in Dir al-Balah, where he died of his wounds." Wow! Much better. Massacre! Massacre! Jeningrad!

Yes, all the lies. Terrible lies. Carry on!

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