Sunday, July 17, 2005

Overpaid UN Factotum Screams Foul

Kofi Annan's hot-tempered deputy, George Soros "tenant" Mark Malloch Brown (shown at left in happier days), blows a gasket today in London's Daily Telegraph concerning all those nasty people who work for him who organized a boycott of a party in his honor.

"Even as luminaries ranging from Bono, the U2 singer, to President Bill Clinton and Colin Powell, the former US Secretary of State, heaped videogram accolades on Mr Malloch Brown at the party, 'guerrillas' within the UN were mounting a bitter personal attack," said the Telegraph. Poor dear! But a well-compensated one. I'll be coming to that.

The Telegraph piece appears to be a delayed reaction to an item in this blog on July 8. Though the piece refers to "their [UN staffers'] weblog" (and I think the staffers do have a blog somewhere) the only link given anywhere is to this one. Oh well. That's OK with me. At least the Telegraph isn't a blog thief like the sleazeballs at the New York Times. If anyone has the URL of the UN staffers' blog, let me know in a comment or email and I'll be happy to post it.

In any event, one jarring fact emerges from this Telegraph article. It had been reported that Brown was paying most of his $120,000 salary in rent to his old pal Soros. Not true. Brown, a real public relations genius, reveals that functioning as a glorified valet for Kofi Annan is worth $240,000 to the UN.

The thing still stinks to high heaven -- and now we know that the guy is raping the UN treasury. Thanks for letting us know!

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