Thursday, July 14, 2005

Navasky Still AWOL

. . . from the masthead of Columbia Journalism Review. So says an update in David M.

Still no mention in CJR Daily or the magazine itself, notes David, except for a lame note on the Nation publisher that was posted online by the J-school dean, Nicholas Lemann. Why the silence, asks Dave?

Well, it is becoming increasingly clear that Victor Navasky's coming out of the closet doesn't really change anything. As CJR Daily managing editor Steve Lovelady's public rants have made clear, CJR has abandoned any pretense of ideological neutrality. Thus the Navasky role in the increasingly strident and rigid CJR has no news value. The mainstream media seems to be saying, "Sure, CJR is a left-wing journal of opinion. So what else is new?"

No surprise that Russ Baker, the wacko who has been viciously attacking Judith Miller in Moonbat outlets and The Nation, is a contributing editor of CJR.

It really should call itself, The Nation Journalism Review.

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