Wednesday, July 13, 2005

CJR Editor Denounces Iraq "Lies"

In an email exchange today and last night on the Romenesko "letters" section, CJR Daily Managing Editor Steve Lovelady shows his left-wing stripes, ranting about "the lies at the heart of the Iraq invasion and the grim reality of the current occupation." See letter posted at 7:56 p.m., July 12.

This drew a response from other journalists, including this rejoinder from Logan Anderson, Weekend/Business editor, Lynchburg News & Advance:

Anytime someone dares to call into question the motives of the media, we can count on Lovelady to come to the defense of the far-left extreme -- anyone out there remember the Eason Jordan affair? Easongate was all the fault of the "wacko neo-fascist bloggers," or so Lovelady would have had us believe in the dozens of posts he made in cyberspace.

It's a good exchange. What it shows, by the way, is that the "liberal media" is anything but monolithic, and that a lot of journos out there are disgusted by CJR's hypocritical and false assertions of "independence."

Lovelady, of course, had previously issued a dishonest response to concerns about the CJR's new "chairman," The Nation publisher Victor Navasky.

Obviously CJR had an ideological affinity for the far left before Navasky arrived on the scene.

Time for its editors to come clean about their organ's open ideological bias. It's not a journalism review. It's just another far-left opinion journal. It is in most respects a clone of The Nation, with whom it shares contributors, including the bizarre Russ Baker. He's the twit who likened Judith Miller's stint in federal prison to a "book leave."

Very much the kind of bilge you find in the Nation--and what had once been a reputable jouranlism review.


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