Tuesday, July 12, 2005

More on That Brit Colonialist Mentality

The Good Old Days

Re my item earlier today, Daniel Pipes points out this Tony Blair statement in his weblog:

"'It seems probable that the attack [in London on July 7] was carried out by Islamist extremist terrorists, of the kind who over recent years have been responsible for so many innocent deaths in Madrid, Bali, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Kenya, Tanzania, Pakistan, Yemen, Turkey, Egypt and Morocco, of course in New York on September 11th, but in any other countries too.' [Pipes] Comment: Good statement, but what happened to the innocent deaths in Israel and India?"

As I observed earlier, I'd say the Blair and Sun omissions are just a holdover from the mentality of the good old days, when the map was pink and the Her Majesty's representatives decided whose lives were worth living.

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