Monday, July 11, 2005

Ain't Terror No More....

The BBC has decided the London bombings, contary to popular belief and some of its early coverage, isn't terror anymore. So says Honestreporting, citing two blogs that caught the about-face (third item).

Honestreporting's lead item today is on the AP's big boo-boo. According to Honestreporting, the AP's fabrication was caught by some attentive BBC listeners in England. (The fabrication involved remarks attributed to Tony Blair that he never said.) Still waiting for the corrective article that AP is ethically obliged to run.

Honestreporting also noted (second item) that The Sun newspaper in England printed a map showing the location of almost two dozen terror attacks claiming the lives of 4,000 people--but failed to include the thousand people killed in Israel.

Incidentally, here we have an excellent example of a major media scandal that you can just bet will never be covered by the Columbia Journalism Review, now that it is the clutches of the Moonbat publisher of The Nation, Victor Navasky.

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