Thursday, July 07, 2005

Alexander Kookburn Gloats Over Miller

I am down on my knees, praying that people who despise Moonbats, in addition to reading the Reason piece mentioned earlier, will please please please read the mountain of pure dung that Alexander Kookburn and Jeffrey St. Clueless just shovelled into Counterpunch. (I don't have the stomach to put in the link. It is www and then the name of the rag-dot-com.)

Kookburn and St. Clueless, neither of whom have ever "investigated" anything more dangerous than a clogged toilet, have turned out a particularly vicious anti-Miller polemic. Read it and you'll want to duplicate the storming of the Bastille. Then you'll want to go out and pass a federal shield law ASAP.

I mean, really. Whatever became of the ancient concept, "the enemy of Kookburn and St. Clueless is my friend"?

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