Thursday, July 07, 2005

Required Reading

Matt Welch's piece in Reason should be read by every conservative who thinks that tossing reporters in the clink is a good idea.

I know this blog is read a lot by conservatives because I target media bias, and also go after the UN, Moonbats and such. Unfortunately, a lot of people on the right have confused "fighting media bias" with "fighting the media." What you have got to remember is that the crappy reporting you see out there is not to be confused with the solid stuff that is put out by real investigative journalists, and by the snake-in-the-grass hacks and Ken Belsons (i.e., thieves) and loony toons of the Cockburn variety.

And yes, some of them work for media outlets like the NY Times that you and I do not like. A good reporter like Judy Miller is not responsible for the fact that the Times has a turd like Chris Hedges on its payroll.

Just read the Reason piece, guys. Please.

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