Wednesday, July 06, 2005

The Times Goes Ga-Ga Over Hillary

The New York Times today goes all out for Hillary Clinton today, in a puff piece on the front page of the Metropolitan section. You don't have to especially like or dislike Hillary (I personally am an agnostic on the subject) to wonder what Times editors were smoking when they decided to print this rubbish.

"New York Olympic Team Puts a Star on the Pedestal." I kid you not -- that is the title. "Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton was greeted like a rock star as she made her way around this Asian island on Tuesday promoting New York for the 2012 Summer Games," says the Times, breathlessly, saliva dripping.

Not a word, of course, about the unflattering book Ed Klein just wrote about her -- which this shameless bit of flackery was obviously cooked up to counter.

"NYC2012 officials were giddy over her reception, and some said they believed she had succeeded in changing a few minds in New York's favor," gushed the Times. Yeah. Real giddy. Only the Times was giddy. The Olympic Committee officials were too busy tossing New York's bid in the dustbin.

This must surely must be the worst story the Times has run about a politician in quite a while. No wonder they steal from blogs, if this is the best they can do.

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