Saturday, July 02, 2005

Today's Hissy Fit

Blows His Gasket

Jack Shafer responds in the following mature, thoughtful fashion to my item yesterday on his failure to mention "award hunger" as a reason for newspapers running lengthy series nobody reads:

Saith Mr. Shafer:
"Who would give an award this this [sic] steam pile of platitudinous crap?"

And mind you, my item was basically favorable. I thought his piece was, except for that omission, pretty good.

Gosh, I'll have to read his column more closely in the future. A man intelligent enough to commit the above concepts into writing, in an email to a total stranger, has got to have his head.... er, make that, has got to be worth reading.

Meanwhile--sorry, Jack. Temper tantrums will get you nowhere. Back to the corner you go.

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