Friday, July 01, 2005

A "Real" Westerner Speaks

A "Real" Westerner named Pat Williams is rustled up by Counterpunch to expound on how much "real Westerners" despise Bush. "Out our way, we know about war and we can shoot straight; what we prefer is a president who can do the same," said the nine-term former Montana congressman.

OK, and maybe pro-war sentiment has waned in Montana since voters there gave Bush 59% of the vote in 2004. But that is not what perplexes me about this piece. What does is that Williams was a perfectly moderate, centrist Democrat when he served in the House--and here he is, sharing a podium with some of most nauseating collection of anti-Semites, Moonbats and jugheads to be found west or east of the Pecos.

Either Williams exhibited a similar lack of common sense while he was in Congress and nobody noticed, or he has gone over the dark side since then. Either way, I'd say this gent has been munching at the loco weed.

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