Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Is the AP Competing for Title of Top UN Shill?

The Associated Press yesterday pulled off a spectacular coup--it managed to make Reuters look good. According to the Snapshots blog, the AP devoted a 518-word story to the appointment of a new head of the UN Palestinian refugee agency, Karen AbuZayd, without mentioning that her predecessor Peter Hansen was a subject of numerous allegations of anti-Israel conduct.

Even Reuters mentioned that in its story. You have to really try hard to make Reuters look good in any story concerning either the UN or the Middle East. You will note from the link that Reuters is the news agency of choice of the Moonbats at AlterNet. That's no accident.

This is an excellent example of the kind of cluelessness and open bias that characterize so much UN reporting. As I've observed several times, the ethically anorexic UN press corps is notorious for a sycophantic, cheerleading attitude toward the world body--whose flaws the UN media either excuse or, in this instance, ignore completely.

Reuters is one of the worst of the lot, and its UN bureau chief, Evelyn Leopold, shows her fealty to the UN at every opportunity. She rushed to the defense of UN information chief Shashi Tharoor for hosting a media panel that included a notorious anti-Semite.

Could the AP be playing catch-up?

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