Monday, June 27, 2005


The Supreme Court decision today, ruling against Judith Miller and Matt Cooper, sucks bigtime. I know a lot of people on the right are going to be cheering this. Don't.

For one thing, the two reporters involved are definitely in the mensch category. Miller in particular has gained the near-universal emnity of the far left. I recently noted the vicious attacks against her by the far-left hacks Russ Baker and Ian Williams for her reporting on Iraq and the UN.

The left, as a matter of fact, will applaud vigorously if Miller winds up in jail for eighteen months as threatened.

It may be fashionable to cheer when reporters go to the pokey, but what that ignores is that the journalists who are are problematic in this business are the drones and hacks who wouldn't stumble over a "confidential source" if one walked up and popped him on the nose. Another thing that is particularly noxious about this Miller-Cooper thing is how the odious old-right talking head Robert Novak has gotten off the hook.

Hardly a day passes without word of a SLAPP suit against some brave journalist, sometimes filed by Nazis or Saudi billionaires or far-left loons. So go ahead and cheer at this decision. Include me out.

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