Saturday, June 25, 2005

Palestinian "Weakness" (continued)

The media today, as expected, largely ignored a Friday incident on the West Bank which contradicted the Palestinian excuse that their forces are too "weak" to abide by the Road Map and confront terrorists.

The Palestinian police were confronting terrorists just fine on Friday, because a Palestinian policeman was attacked.

An initial AP account, which noted this anomaly, was subsequently rewritten to completely eliminate that point. The Reuters account was a typical Palestinian snow-job, as described in a post yesterday.

Today, the rest of the media weighed in: The New York Times made note of the Palestinian police action without indicating its significance or how it contradicts Palestinian excuses.

Since the AP buried a sanitized reference to the Palestinian police action way down in its story, most newspapers probably omitted it completely--the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, for instance.

This is, I think, a fairly decent example of how the foreign media in Israel wear blinders when it comes to Palestinian inaction, swallowing whole their excuses and failing to point out anomalies and contradictions.

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