Thursday, June 23, 2005

Poverty on Moonbat Row (sniff sniff)

Just $15,900 in 2003? Oh no!

If you ever wondered why there's something a bit "off" about the Counterpunch spewings of Moonbat-in-Chief Alexander Cockburn--that they are, I dunno, a little cheap, a little, scummy, I think I have found the answer. He is paid peanuts! (More than he is worth--but still not a lot.)

In 2003, the most recent year for which such data can be obtained, Cockburn was paid just $15,900 for his retchings in Counterpunch. That's according to the IRS Form 1099 for the Orwellian-named Institute for the Advancement of Journalistic Clarity, out there in Petrolia, California, which runs the Moonbat journal. Cockburn also resides in Petrolia, which must be quite a hopping place, even if its median IQ may not be too high.

The president of the Institute is a "Joseph Paff," whose address is P.O. Box 165, Petrolia CA 95558. That's all the info I have on this fellow. I wonder who he is? Nothing on him in Google; no news articles that I could find. Maybe some enterprising soul out there can drop me a line with a hint. The VP is Ford Roosevelt of Van Nuys, Calif., grandson of you-know-who, and yes, that rumble you hear at night sometimes is the late president and first lady spinning in their graves. The first name, as in the famed anti-Semite, is apropos you have to admit.

Isn't that pay thing a shame? Seems that money has been a problem for the guy for a while. Remember how back in 1984 he got canned from the Village Voice (as Alan Dershowitz recently recalled) for hiding a $10,000 grant from an anti-Israel organization? Twenty-one years later, he still makes less than half of what the office manager pulls in ($34,475). Golly, doesn't he qualify for food stamps or something? Medicare for sure, but Medicaid too apparently.

Apparently some unnamed person who lives in Oregon City, Oregon makes $59,000 for doing something editorial-like for Counterpunch. He's shy, so he is not named, but his address is given. I do believe that Jeffrey St. Clair, one of the top Moonbats at Counterpunch, lives out yonder. But maybe this is another pea brain from said community.

As for Cockburn, I suggest that we all take up a collection for the Poor Man of Petrolia, the Moonbat who is threadbare both intellectually and financially. Me? Sorry, but I'm plum out of spare change....

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