Monday, June 20, 2005

Moral Equivalency at Reuters

Reuters editors are working overtime to prove their loyalty to the Palestinian cause.

Today, as it has many times in the past, Reuters equates a Mafia-like drive-by murder of an Israeli civilian with the shooting of a Palestinian who entered a closed military zone and wouldn't respond to orders to halt. The headline says it all: "Jewish settler, Palestinian killed on eve of summit."

In one instance: "Islamic Jihad militants in a car opened fire on an Israeli vehicle on a road near a Jewish settlement in the northern West Bank, killing a settler and wounding a second Israeli, before fleeing the scene, the Israeli army said."

In the other instance: "two Palestinians had entered a restricted military zone and ignored an order given through loudspeakers to leave. Soldiers fired warning shots and then toward the legs of one of the Palestinians before the two ran off, it said."

One: The unprovoked murder of a civilian. The other: A deliberate provocation of armed troopes, which sounds like an effort to test Israeli military defences.

The difference: To Reuters, absolutely none. Both are lumped together as "further blows to a rocky cease-fire a day before an Israeli-Palestinian summit meeting." Once again, Reuters equates murder by Palestinians with legitimate self-defence by Israeli troops.

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