Friday, June 17, 2005

Moonbat vs. Moonbat

Readers with a strong stomach might find instructive the article in the rat-bag Counterpunch today on an intra-Moonbat struggle over Gilad Atzmon. You know, that's the Israeli "artist" who is certified by the Food & Drug Administration as a substitute for ipecac.

Apparently the Moonbats are all in a tizzy over this dweeb. "Is he really an anti-Semite or just an anti-Zionist who hates Jews?" "Is he really a Holocaust denier or just a guy who denies the Holocaust?" It is funny reading, particularly this corker: "One might not like what he says. . . but shutting him up seems to be very old school left, right out of Stalinism." This in Counterpunch, which practically has a picture of Uncle Joe on the main page. Amazing.

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