Thursday, June 16, 2005

Wanted: A Competent Propaganda Minister

The UN's Minister of Propaganda is apparently taking some heat internally, at least according to website that follows the UN's internal politics.

The UN Forum complains in an item published today that "the official entrusted with communicating the U.N. viewpoint was either away or ineffective" while poor Kofi Annan was suffering from a dose of bad spin. Boo hoo! I think I may weep.

Mind you, the Forum reflects the UN-bureaucrat point of view, but it does raise some valid points nevertheless. It notes that Tharoor's constant travelling has cost a small fortune, which is a valid point. Beyond that.... well, get this: "The issue is being raised now," says the UN Forum, "because Tharoor's incompetence is threatening the whole Department of Public Information. Already, there are influential voices calling for a closer review of its resources and staffing. . . .[Tharoor] may be the first to jump boat. But why should dedicated talented staff -- and the U.N. -- pay for his failure."

Uhh, buddy, it is not Tharoor's "dedicated staff" of seven hundred hacks, shills and propagandists who pay the freight for this loafer. It is the member state taxpayer, particularly the U.S. taxpayer, who are getting ripped off. Time for an end to a massive, taxpayer-supported, UN propaganda apparatus.

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