Monday, June 13, 2005

Israel Supporters in Moonbat Fantasies

Ever notice how Moonbats see Israel and "supporters of Israel" in everything that runs counter to their agenda?

Observe how the Payola Pundit, the UN correspondent-consultant Ian Williams, inserts a gratuitous reference to supporters of Israel in an article on the Bolton nomination in the crush-Israel organ, Washington Report on Middle Eastern Affairs.

When the Oil for Food Scandal emerged, he says, "the right-wing pro-Israeli types who will seize any excuse to attack the U.N. and have never forgiven Annan for opposing the war on Iraq, launched their predictable attack."

Speaking of "predictable attacks," what in Heaven's name has the oil-for-food scandal got to do with Israel, much less "pro-Israel types"? Absolutely nothing. But it makes sense when you view Israel and its supporters as part of the "axis of evil." So you drag in Israel even in subjects that don't have the remotest connection.

In this instance, the aim is to defend the UN and Kofi Annan--a specialty of Williams, famous for flaunting journalism ethics rules by performing media-relations work for the UN while covering it for The Nation. His UN work, by the way, is not mentioned in the description of Williams at the end of the piece, which only refers to him as a "freelance journalist based at the United Nations."