Friday, June 10, 2005

Media-Watchers Silent On Oprah

If you follow the web and the blogosphere--and only if you follow the web and the blogosphere--you know that Oprah Winfrey has become a mouthpiece for the Palestinian cause and an apologist for terrorism. Steven Plaut has been covering this story thoroughly on Moonbat Central, and other reports have appeared on and FrontPage Magazine.

While this overstuffed jerk goes on a tear for Jew-killers, Mainstream Media media-watchers have been obsessed with trivia and writing about each other. Columbia Journalism Review? Not a peep. Well, naturally, it is a joint-venture partner with the pathologically anti-Israel The Nation.

The rest of the MSM media beat, meanwhile, has been obsessed with Deep Throat or other inside-baseball thumb-sucking. The worst is the pathetic Jon Friedman of the otherwise excellent Marketwatch, who has devoted column after column to puff pieces on other media columnists. He's so bad that even other media trivia-watchers (Mediabistro's FishbowlNY) make fun of him.

See for yourself. Put the words "oprah" and "palestinian" in Google News. Here, I've done if for you. What do you get? BLOGS.

This is a systemic failure of the people's whose job it is to watch out for things like a major entertainment figure going off the deep end. No wonder Snapshots observed yesterday, in the context of the CJR-Navasky controversy, that the "blogosphere keeps the MSM honest."

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