Tuesday, June 07, 2005

It's Cozy Over There on First Avenue!

Next time you're in the library, or in a bookstore that lets you browse without buying (important!) be sure to check out the June 13 issue of The Nation. Buried in the back of this rag -- the sandpaper-quality stock being worthy of the retch-inducing content -- be sure to check out the book reviews. You'll see one of them is written by a familiar name: the UN's Minister of Propaganda, Shashi Tharoor!

Yep, for what appears to be the first time -- The Nation's online index was acting a little weird but it showed no other articles by our man -- the UN's propagandist/anti-Semite-forum-provider/journalist-hirer appeared in the pages of the left-wing journal. Oddly, he is described not by his day job, but rather as an "author." A link to a portion of Tharoor's opaque ramblings is online here. (You can pay money to read the whole thing; do promise me you'd flush your bucks down the toilet first.)

Guy's got a lot of time on his hands, you have to admit. He sits around all day, writing book reviews and books, while you pay his salary--and the salaries of the seven hundred flacks, bureaucrats and propagandists on his payroll.

Still, doesn't it all seem so nice and warm and cozy! The Nation's UN correspondent, Ian Williams, does work for the UN and brazenly boasts about it on his website. Other creeps at the thuglike UN Correspondents Assn. take junkets, glom spare cash writing and doing TV for the UN. One of them even threatens other correspondents with revocation of their credentials (issued by Tharoor's bureaucrats) when they take exception, according to a shocking report in FrontPage Magazine.

Meanwhile, here we have the "author"/propagandist Tharoor, writing reviews for The Nation, whose UN guy boasts about working for the UN! Does the word "incestuous" come to mind?

To make it all even more cozy, the publisher of The Nations, publisher Victor Navasky, takes a hidden role at Columbia Journalism Review, to ensure that the nation's leading journalism watchdog will never write about any of this. (We don't have to worry about Reuters either; its chief hack at the UN, Evelyn Leopold, sent in an unsolicited defence of Tharoor when his judgment was questioned.)

Yep, over on First Avenue it's just as they say in that old saying: "One hand washes the other and both hands wash the face." Too bad the ethics of these dweebs aren't as clean.

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