Monday, June 06, 2005

Deaf, Blind and Dumb Media Watchers (a continuing series)

Honestreporting just issued a report describing how a court ruling against the French newspaper LeMonde--which had been found to have committed "racist defamation" against Israel the the Jewish People--received zero coverage in the European and U.S. media.

Well, let's see what they have been covering, focusing on the reporters whose job it is to write about the media:

Jon Friedman of Marketwarch: Today he focuses again on Deep Throat. Good gawd, what more is there to say about that? Judging from the Friedman column, nothing. But then again, Friedman is the World's Worst Media Columnist, good only for entertainment value, so you can't expect more from him.

Howard Kurtz of the Washington Post: Oh no. He also writes about Deep Throat! Don't any of these guys have Internet access? Don't they know about the LeMonde ruling? (The title of his column: "Deep Throat and Shallow Journalism." He oughta know.)

David Carr of the New York Times has something on a guy trying to get on the Today Show. The CJR website has nothing--well, naturally, it being bankrolled by the Stalinist nitwit Victor Navasky. (Hey, these guys are too tone-deaf to write about their own dirty laundry--which is beginning to stink to high heaven.) Last, and least, the Romenesko website does not even include a link to the LeMonde story.

These guys didn't conspire in a basement to hide the LeMonde thing. What we have here is just a combination of bad journalism and an institutional indifference to anti-Semitism unless the story bashes them over the head.

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