Saturday, June 04, 2005

CJR Mentions Navasky! (two months ago)

In my items over the past couple of days on Moonbat-in-the-closet Victor Navasky, I said that the Columbia Journalism Review has not said anything about Navasky's hidden role at the magazine.

True, the CJR magazine and website haven't said anything about the estimable publisher of The Nation. However, the fact that he was the secret publisher and bankroller of the magazine hasn't kept that formerly reputable journalism review from quoting that great voice of the Rigid Left.

In an article in April 2005 commemorating that great event nobody remembers anymore, Earth Day, CJR goes out of its way to quote its sub rosa sugar daddy: "as Columbia journalism professor Victor Navasky put it in A Matter of Opinion, his new book on a lifetime as a writer, editor and adventurer in the world of small magazines, '... the conventions of objective journalism do have a way of strengthening the status quo.'"

Note the misleading "professor" title when "chairman" was an accurate title would have been "Columbia Journalism professor and CJR financial backer" or somesuch. Naughty!

Well, I guess it makes sense they would promote Navasky's book and not say a peep about how The Nation was employing a UN correspondent who boasts about doing work for the UN. I refer, of course, to the famous Payola Pundit Ian Williams, the fifth-rate hack who worked as a UN media trainer/writer/factotum while simultaneously covering the UN for The Nation. The CJR was totally silent on this insane conflict of interest, which was first revealed by Accuracy in Media and FrontPage Magazine.

Navasky must have known that bankrolling the place would buy CJR's silence whenever his rag committed an ethical boo-boo. Even a confirmed Stalinist like Navasky is enough of a capitalist to know that the perennially cash-starved CJR wouldn't foul its own nest.

I have an idea: Shashi Tharoor (the UN's Minister of Propaganda) is a pretty good writer. Why not bring him on as UN Correspondent for The Nation as well? After all, he's qualified--he works for the UN. Maybe he's got some bucks he can invest in CJR.