Monday, June 06, 2005

The Daily Irony/Slash/Hypocrisy

Today's irony/slash/hypocrisy is an "ownership chart" aimed at revealing the real owners of the major news organizations. It appears on the website of, you guessed it, the Columbia Journalism Review! It's probably been there for a while, but we just noticed it today--and it's a dilly!

The Yahoo Media Issues page, which provides the link, describes it as a "guide to what the major media companies own." Yep, gotta know who owns what! Yessir. Thank you, CJR, for telling us.

Linked on Yahoo along with this helpful chart is an interactive chart of the Big Ten's media holdings, from.... well, of course, The Nation!

As you can see, the partnership of The Nation and Columbia Journalism Review, under the brilliant leadership of bankroller-commissar Victor Navasky, is going to be a productive one. Thank heavens we have people of unblemished ethics lecturing us on the dangers of hidden ownership!

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