Thursday, June 09, 2005

Firing People at the UN? Oh no!

The Payola Pundit, Ian Williams, bloviates on the Moonbat website MaximsNews today on a subject near and dear to his heart: employment opportunities at the United Nations.

People are being fired and doggone it, Williams doesn't like it one bit! "A long line of pink slips stretches to the horizon," says Williams. Among them is Joseph Stephanides, who is up to his keister in the oil-for-food scandal. "Even if he had broken the rules" by securing the contract to inspect cargoes going into Iraq for Lloyd’s Register, says Williams, "there is no justification whatsoever for firing him."

Exactly! No reason to fire someone just because they break the rules.

After all, Williams violated one of the most important rules of journalism ethics--by doing work for the UN while covering the UN for The Nation and other publications--and he got away with it. In fact, he boasts about it on his website. So why hold Stephanides to a higher standard?

Williams is also upset about press coverage of Stephanides' conflict of interest, and that is understandable given that his own conflicts of interest were aired by Accuracy in Media and FrontPage Magazine--but not by Columbia Journalism Review. After all, The Nation's publisher runs the show there, as became clear today.

Too bad about all those pink slips. Probably also means consulting work is drying up for UN hacks like Williams as well. Damn! Hey, wait a second. Williams, how about getting a job at the UN Correspondents Assocation--you know, just as you arranged a job for your wife, even though she didn't have the right to work in the U.S. except for the BBC (according to the FrontPage account and AIM). She also has been writing for MaximsNews, and we hope and pray that the U.S. immigration laws allow that. U.S. laws should apply to everybody, including the press.

One guy whose job is probably not in jeopardy at the UN holds the vital function of bureaucrat in charge of the bloated Propaganda Ministry, held by Shashi Tharoor--who is also a columnist for MaximsNews! Cozy isn't it, all those ties between the UN Propaganda Minister and the media. Get the title of his latest piece for Maxims: The Good for Something United Nations.

The UN sure is good for something--to give jobs to seven hundred propagandists, flacks and bureaucrats at Tharoor's Department of Public Information, and nice contract work to fifth-rate hacks like the far-left polemicist Ian Williams.