Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Moonbat vs. Moonbat

The French vote rejecting the European Union constitution has resulted in a nasty spat in Moonbatland! Seems that the voices of Moonbattery are divided over the constitution on the only criteria that matters: Whether or not it is bad for America.

First out of the starting gate was the fifth-rate hack Ian Williams, writing in AlterNet to lambaste the French for opposing "progressive values." The Payola Pundit, famed for his dual role as UN correspondent and UN contractor, observed that "Diehard conservatives in the United States cheered on French Communists and leftists for their success in frustrating a multinational challenger to U.S. global dominance, while many on the American left expressed solidarity with their French comrades who joined with fascists to vote down a 'capitalist' constitution." The fools!

Williams was more incoherent than usual and immediately came under attack from AlterNet readers and, today, from Diana Johnstone in CounterPunch. In a rambling polemic that I would recommend retaining in the medicine cabinet alongside ipecac, she denounced Williams for his "petulant article."

Johnstone argued that the Payola Pundit was dead wrong. No, the French were really marching in step with the holy task of fighting the Yanks. "It is inconceivable that a European foreign minister, who must follow the instructions of 25 governments from Portugal to Estonia, could ever be so bold" as the magnificent anti-US Olaf Palme or Jacques Chirac or Gerhard Schroeder, she pointed out.

It's quite a retch-inducing piece--a real master of its genre, and culminates by lamenting that in "American (and even British) mythology, the Second World War was the 'good war' by which Good crushed Evil, thanks to U.S. military power, with the blessing of an interconfessional God." That's wrong, of course. The right way, the progressive lesson of WWII is the one embraced by "the majority of Germans, French and Italians who, having suffered from destruction, foreign occupation and defeat, genuinely wanted to renounce war."

Moonbat vs. Moonbat! If only this were a real boxing match, in which we could enjoy watching them bashing each other's brains in. Unfortunately, that is not a vital organ for these boobs so that would do no real damage.