Wednesday, June 08, 2005

The Times Props Up the New Israel Fund

Today the New York Times puts a fraternal hand on the shoulder of its ideological comrade-in-arms, the New Israel Fund. The Times laments the fact that the NIF has been rejected as a program underwriter by public radio stations in New York and San Francisco. Why oh why would they do such a thing?

After all, the NIF is "an international foundation based here that raises money to support religious tolerance and civil liberties in Israel," according to the Times. It seems that this may, or may not, have something to do with "listener complaints about National Public Radio's news coverage of the Middle East." That is, anti-Israel bias. Now, why would people who like Israel object to ads from such a wonderful organization?

Plenty of reasons--none of which, needless to say, appear in the Times article. As anyone even remotely familiar with the NIF can attest, the organization has drawn a string of complaints over the years for sponsoring wacky, Moonbat groups within Israel with nice-sounding names advocating "civil rights" and "co-existence." It also takes political positions of the hard-Meretz variety so dear to the Times, and recently has been railing against "extremist" opposition to the Gaza withdrawal.

The NIF gets its bucks from the Ford Foundation and by raising money in "new generations" benefit concerts and such--contributed by people who very often haven't the foggiest idea of the kind of crud the NIF supports.

Typical of the anti-Israel groups it supports is Neve Shalom/Wahat As-Salaam, the Arab-Jewish village near Latrun that supports a shrill hate-Israel line. Last August, Mort Klein of the Zionist Organization of America called upon NIF to cut off support for NS/WAS, observing that children at its "peace school" "are being taught that the existence of a Jewish State does not matter, and that Jews who live beyond the pre-1967 armistice line should be hated."

NS/WAS is still listed as a grantee on the NIF website, along with other "peace" groups that are devoting to fighting the big, bad, blue-meanie Israel.

Neve Shalom's American branch occasionally brings in anti-Israel Palestinian and anti-Israel Israeli residents of the village to tour the U.S. and speak glowingly of love, peace, flowers, moonbeams and to dump on Israel.

Mind you, I don't find it odd that the Times would slant a story in the direction of its ideological buddy, the NIF, and its various Moonbat and pro-terrorist grantees such as Neve Shalom. What I do find odd is that none of this Israel-bashing seems to upset the usually very sensible Elie Wiesel, who leant his name to the Neve Shalom American branch's "honorary council" years ago and is still listed on its website, propping up this weasel of a group.

Dr. Wiesel is a fine man, but he has odd taste in the groups he supports.

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