Saturday, June 11, 2005

Pssst.... Comrades... the Secret is Out!

Victor Navasky's ideological brethren at AlterNet run an excerpt today from his memoirs, A Matter of Opinion, picked up from Columbia Journalism Review. The left-wingnut news service refers to Navasky only as "publisher of The Nation." Where have they been?

The editors of this drivel-regurgitator precede their comrade's bloviation with the following:
In an excerpt from his new book, Victor Navasky poses the question that bedevils all small magazines and others who challenge the national complacency: How, given the media glut, do you break through and communicate the terrible truth?
Hmm.... how to communicate... media glut.... good question. Hey, I know. You get control of a journalism review and don't tell anybody!

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