Sunday, June 12, 2005

Terrorist Cheerleaders in the News

Give me a T, give me an E, give me an R-R-O-R!

Here's something the blogs have discovered that you can bet the mainstream media will ignore: a leading terrorist cheerleader, pom-poms and all, Columbia University professor Rashid Khalidi, has been caught dead to rights in a plagiarism scandal!

Khalidi is "Edward Said Professor of Arab Studies," with all the honor and scholarship--not to mention love of Jew-killers--that implies. Steve Plaut reports that "Khalidi may be testifying on behalf of the Florida terrorist Sami al-Arian. Khalidi was a major player in the whitewash at Columbia of jihadnik professor Joseph Massad."

Plaut, FrontPage Magazine and the Solomania blog have been all over this story, but nobody in the MSM, as usual.

There may be a lot to write about. I see from the Chronicle of Higher Education that Khalidi is a candidate for the newly endowed chair in contemporary Middle East studies at Princeton University, and that "the potential appointment has sparked concerns among Princeton's alumni and Jewish students who fear that Mr. Khalidi's pro-Palestinian views will divide the campus."

An expression of concern from Arlene S. Pedovitch, interim director of Princeton's Center for Jewish Life, drew a snitty response from the head of the Princeton history department. "These are academic matters," says Jeremy I. Adelman, chairman of the history department. "The Center for Jewish Life does not have a voice in academic hiring or promotion or appointment issues." Adelman was quoted as saying his department makes hiring decisions based solely on someone's scholarly accomplishments. "We will not hire racists or bigots," he says. "That's different than hiring somebody who has a political persuasion."

Of course not. We must be politically correct. Support terror? Oh, that's just hunky dory as far as Princeton is concerned. What about plagiarists, though? Well, I don't think Khalidi has any reason to worry. I'm sure Jerry here will think of some excuse for Khalidi's fakery to bring a bright guy like him over to Princeton.

Say, what's the name of that "endowed chair" at Princeton? Let me guess.... Oh, I know! The "Haj Amin al-Husseini Chair in Arab-Jewish Harmony"?

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