Monday, June 13, 2005

Kofi to Pappe-Fest: Play Nicely!

An "International Media Seminar on Peace in the Middle East" in Cairo, sponsored by the UN's Ministry of Propaganda and featuring anti-Zionist loon Ilan Pappe representing Israel (no kidding! read this), began its festivities today.

UN Minister of Propaganda Shashi Tharoor, who brought the notorious anti-Semite Israel Shamir to this annual bash-Israel junket in 2001, read a speech by Kofi Annan. And let me tell you, it just makes you want to grab the guy and plant a big fat kiss on his sweaty brow, it is so wonderful. Said Annan: "With help from responsible media -- media that refrain from myths, stereotypes and hate propaganda – they can avoid inflaming an already volatile climate."

I can just see Ilan Pappe, sitting proudly in the anti-Israel-Israeli delegation, nodding solemnly and then launching into one of his famous "let's destroy Israel, cut it into pieces and shovel it into the Mediterranean" rants. The crush-Israel website Electronic Intifada was so moved by the Annan statement that it emotionally clasped hands across the waters and published the Pappe-fest platitudes in full, alongside its usual fare on the evils of the Zionist entity and the "three monkeys of the Israeli media." Damn, brotherhood is a wonderful thing! Aren't you glad your tax dollars pay for Shashi Tharoor and his 700 shills, bureaucrats and seat-warmers as they promote Arab-Anti-Israel-Israeli harmony?

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