Wednesday, June 15, 2005

UN Sanitizes Hate-Fest Speeches

Tharoor: Out With The Blue Pencil!

In my post earlier today I discussed some of the really stirring press coverage that came out of the UN's annual Israel-bashing media conclave. Well, I see that the UN has issued its own version of events--and that the UN's Department of Public Information has carefully protected the identities of the loons making speeches at this anti-Israel hate-fest.

The official UN account--found on the net here, here and here--makes no mention of the ravings of one of the anti-Israel Israelis in attendance, Shulamit Aloni, who was quoted by a Morrocan newspaper as urging "the international community to pay attention to the Israeli systematic policy of genocide against the Palestinian people."

Her name is not even mentioned in the official UN Propaganda Ministry communique, and neither does it mention the most famous featured speaker--the anti-Zionist loon Ilan Pappe, famous for his advocacy of an academic boycott of Israel, among other things.

Oh, it does repeat some shrill Israel-bashing ravings--but the very choicest nuggets conceal the identity of the raver.

However, even with the sanitizing, it is clear that this was a wondrous meeting, particularly to the extent it exposed Israel-bashing from the media, Israeli media included.

For example (the paraphrases below are taken verbatim from the official UN accounts) :

Gideon Levy of Ha'aretz (his immortal blather here): "The occupation was one of the cruellest occupations in the world. Most of the Israelis did not want to know about this. . . The Israeli reader’s whole political thinking was manipulated towards terrorism and terror. This was a dehumanisation of the Palestinians and it was the biggest crime of the Israeli media."

An unidentified speaker thanked Levy for his courage--in bashing Israel at a UN conference in Cairo? You bet!--and that "She had no respect for Israelis, but now she could respect one Israeli." Isn't that wonderful! All "peace" requires is that you bash Israel!

Another Middle East correspondent used the occasion to take out his bias and wear it proudly on his sleeve. Pierre Luc Brassard, Radio Canada Correspondent in Cairo, "recalled. . .that these were occupied territories, and that all settlements were illegal. He asked if Israeli law was stronger than international law. Some people accused him of being pro-Palestinian, but he was only recalling the rules."

During the festivities, out came the nutters, bowls and bowls filled with nutters. Their identities at this open forum were changed by the UN propaganda apparatus:

A "speaker": said that "Israel was not peace loving. It lived on blood and it wanted to suck the blood of the Arabs. It had taken Palestine by force. The 'Road Map' and the Quartet had not been able to force Israel to respect the peace process, stop its assassinations and closures, or allow the Palestinian economy to be revived. No Arab could forget the massacres in Jenin, Sabra and Chatilla and Deer Yassin. Israel wanted blood, and it was supported by the United States."

Who was the speaker? Now, now.... that's a Shashi Tharoor secret!

As you can see, a wonderful time was had by all. According to the sanitized transcript of the festivities, the Israel-bashing Israelis--particularly the oft-quoted Gideon Levy--served the most vital role, which was to reinforce the anti-Israeli views of all concerned. What better way to serve peace? What better way to spend taxpayer money?

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