Monday, June 20, 2005

The Boston Globe Strikes Out on Navasky

The Nation publisher/Columbia Journalism Review-closet-Moonbat Victor Navasky gets a Q&A with the Boston Globe in yesterday's edition. It's a lovely bit of writing. Navasky, with his beard and everything, is a real doll. You want to just pinch his little red cheeks and ask him to bring us something when he comes down the chimney Christmas Eve. Let's see what our Stalinist Santa has to say:

  • He has written a book. How nice.
  • "The country is in a lot of trouble." Oh my.
  • "If you leave out inconvenient facts, if you stack the deck, it's intellectually dishonest, it has nothing to do with being open about your political values." How true!

The last comment is particularly relevant (aside from its cynical dishonesty concerning that rag he runs) because Navasky says nothing about his hidden role at the Columbia Journalism Review.

You have to figure that either A) The questioner didn't know, or B) The questioner didn't care. Hard to ascertain which is worse. I'd guess "all of the above." The questioner didn't know and if he knew, he wouldn't care. This is, after all, the Boston flagship of The New York Times!


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