Tuesday, June 21, 2005

What CJR Isn't Missing

As noted in earlier posts (most recently this one), Columbia Journalism Review has missed the story in which it is center stage--The Nation publisher Victor Navasky's hidden role at the publication.

So what is CJR covering?

Well, it is making pretty dang sure that the New York Times hews firmly to the anti-Bolton line.

Note this item on the CJR Daily website today. It is not enough for the Times to report that critics "say" that Bolton has made disparaging remarks about the United Nations. Good gawd, the SOB has made those remarks! Damn it! Get it straight. "To frame that as a charge hurled by critics leaves the reader unsure as to whether Bolton actually did make 'disparaging remarks' about the United Nations," says CJR Daily.

Meanwhile, an elephant named "Navasky" is sitting in the room, crushing these twits as they babble on about a horribly imprecise and insufficiently politically correct New York Times.

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