Monday, June 20, 2005

"Sharing Laughs" at CJR

A few days ago the David M blog ran an item describing how the editor of CJR Daily--which has ignored Victor Navasky's hidden role at his website and magazine--"shared some laughs" on the subject at a blog fest the other day.

I suspect that what's got them laughing at CJR is Stephen Spruiell's column in National Review Online last week. Spruiell explored the hypocrisy of CJR condemning "sins of omission" among reporters. Said Spruiell, "People are saying that Navasky’s involvement hurts CJR’s reputation as an unbiased media watchdog. I’m not sure that it hurts as much as when CJR accuses the New York Times of not spinning hard enough for the Democrats."

Hey, if I were the editor of a journalism review and folks were attacking my integrity, and if my publication's credibility were pretty near destroyed--gee, I dunno, I'd find that kinda funny. No?

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